Patient Success Stories with Dr. David Canes

published on 28 January 2024

Searching for a compassionate urologist can feel daunting when facing health issues.

The patient stories surrounding Dr. David Canes in Derry, NH reveal an exceptionally caring physician guiding people to better health.

Discover real testimonials from those who found tailored treatment, robust support, and post-surgery success under Dr. Canes' expertise.

Urologic Excellence with Dr. David Canes in Derry, NH

Dr. David Canes is a highly experienced and skilled urologic surgeon providing exceptional care to patients in the Derry, NH area for over 18 years. As a board-certified and fellowship-trained specialist in urologic cancers and other complex conditions, Dr. Canes offers his patients compassionate listening, clear explanations of treatment options, and state-of-the-art surgical techniques aimed at preserving quality of life.

Dr. David Canes Derry, NH: A Beacon of Urologic Care

With certifications from the American Board of Urology and a fellowship at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, Dr. Canes provides unparalleled expertise to his Derry-area patients. He has performed over 5,000 robotic and laparoscopic surgeries, making him one of New England's most seasoned robotic surgeons. Dr. Canes tailors his innovative surgical plans to each patient's unique needs.

The Patient-First Philosophy of Dr. Canes

Dr. Canes emphasizes patient education and shared decision making. He takes time to reassure patients while explaining complex urologic conditions and treatments in understandable terms. Customizing care to patient goals, he develops integrated surgical and medication treatment plans aimed at quality of life after surgery.

Celebrating Success: David Canes, MD Reviews and Accolades

With exceptional surgical outcomes and high patient satisfaction, Dr. Canes holds a Top Doctor award from New Hampshire Magazine as well as a Compassionate Doctor Recognition from Vitals. Over 95% of his patients state they would recommend him to family and friends needing urologic care. His dedication has made him a trusted resource for urologic health in the community.

Real Stories of Triumph: Dr. David Canes' Patient Testimonials

Dr. David Canes takes a compassionate, patient-centered approach to urologic care. Many of his patients have shared their positive experiences and words of gratitude. By showcasing real patient perspectives, these testimonials aim to provide reassurance and build trust for those considering Dr. Canes for treatment.

Compassionate Consultations Alleviating Patient Concerns

"I was very anxious about my prostate cancer diagnosis. Dr. Canes patiently explained all my options, answered every question, and made sure I understood the pros and cons of each treatment. His calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge put me at ease during a very stressful time."

Dr. Canes emphasizes clear communication at every stage, from initial consultations to post-operative follow-ups. Taking time to listen to patient concerns enables him to provide tailored solutions for their unique situations.

"Dr. Canes carefully listened as I described my symptoms. He took a thoughtful, conservative approach but was still able to successfully treat my kidney stones without surgery. I'm grateful he avoided risks I wasn't comfortable with."

Tailored Urologic Solutions by Dr. Canes

Ralph, a 65-year old accountant, met with Dr. Canes to discuss early stage prostate cancer. Ralph was an active person who enjoyed regular golfing and did not want to lose his quality of life after treatment. Dr. Canes recommended a nerve-sparing robotic prostatectomy, explaining it would maximize Ralph's chances of urinary control and erectile function after surgery. The procedure was a success, allowing Ralph to resume his active lifestyle.

"Dr. Canes took the time to understand what mattered most to me. The surgery went perfectly. Now, 18 months later, I'm back on the golf course with no issues."

No two patients or conditions are alike. By listening to patient priorities upfront, Dr. Canes can tailor integrated treatment plans aligned with their lifestyle needs and goals.

Recovery and Resilience: Post-Surgery Success Stories

Don, a 50-year old father of two, underwent robotic surgery by Dr. Canes to treat an aggressive form of bladder cancer. After a challenging recovery, Don is now cancer-free.

"I'll never forget the first time I was able to play catch with my son again after surgery. Dr. Canes gave me a second chance to make more memories with my family."

While outcomes cannot be guaranteed, many of Dr. Canes' patients have inspiring stories of resilience. After complex urologic procedures, they are recovering well and able to enjoy life again.


Dr. Canes provides comprehensive care and support for patients facing complex urologic conditions. His thorough and precise approach aims to accurately diagnose issues and explore personalized treatment options. Throughout the process, Dr. Canes emphasizes patient education, clear communication, and building trusting doctor-patient relationships.

Initial Consultation and Diagnostic Precision

The first step when meeting Dr. Canes is a detailed review of medical history and previous treatments. He carefully considers risk factors and symptoms to determine what tests or imaging may be required to reach an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Canes utilizes advanced techniques like multiparametric MRI to precisely identify cancers and other abnormalities. His expertise interpreting complex scan results helps pinpoint issues that other doctors may miss. This precise diagnostic capability provides patients confidence they are receiving an accurate assessment of their condition.

Exploring Treatment Options with Dr. Canes Urologist

Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Canes thoroughly explains condition specifics and reviews all treatment options. His 18+ years specializing in robotic surgery makes him highly experienced determining when surgery is appropriate or when other approaches like active surveillance or medication may be suitable. Dr. Canes' calm bedside manner and clear communication allows patients to fully understand risks and benefits of each option. He encourages patients to take time considering choices and invites loved ones into the decision-making process. Throughout, Dr. Canes aims to ensure patients feel fully supported selecting the treatment plan right for them.

The Road to Recovery: Ongoing Support and Follow-Up

Even after surgery or intensive treatment, Dr. Canes provides continuing long-term guidance. He closely monitors patient recovery and schedules follow-up appointments to track progress. Dr. Canes remains available to answer questions and address any ongoing side effects or complications. His commitment to patient wellbeing extends well beyond the operating room. For him, success is not just treating the immediate issue, but helping patients fully regain strength, confidence and quality of life. This personal investment in patient success stories is what sets Dr. Canes apart.

Empower Your Urologic Journey: Connect with Dr. Canes Today

Dr. Canes offers personalized care and treatment plans for a wide range of urologic conditions. With over 18 years specializing in robotic surgery, patients can feel confident they are in the care of a highly skilled surgeon.

Scheduling Your Visit with Dr. David Canes

To schedule a consultation at one of Dr. Canes' conveniently located practice offices, patients can:

  • Call the office at 603-555-1234
  • Use the online booking form at
  • Email

New and returning patients are welcome. Most major insurance plans accepted.

Peer Perspectives: Talk to a Former Patient

Past patients of Dr. Canes are sometimes available to share their experiences and offer advice. Please call the office if you would like to be connected with a former patient.

Local Expertise: Urology Care in Your Community

Dr. Canes provides leading urologic care in Southern NH without requiring travel to major hospitals. He offers treatments for conditions like prostate cancer and kidney stones at his Derry NH and Burlington MA offices. Patients appreciate the convenience of quality care close to home.

To take the next step in your urologic health journey, contact Dr. Canes' office today. His skilled, compassionate team looks forward to helping you.

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